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Diversity of Faith

At The Village of Tanglewood we are proud of the diversity of our community, especially its diversity of faith. While spirituality and faith are deeply personal experiences, The Village as an organization is committed to ensuring that everyone has every opportunity to attend faith-based events, exploring his or her deepening spirituality and enjoying the supportive fellowship developed therein.

We’re very proud to say that, over the years, programs for various faiths have been developed to meet the spiritual needs of our residents. These include weekly outings to temple and church, Wednesday Communion, and Friday Shabbat. Special one-of-a-kind presentations, such as the Gospel Music Concert, are fantastic opportunities to enjoy the deep, richness of religion. For the more transcendental, the Power of Meditation and Mind & Wellness series and Tai Chi classes offer insight into the eastern philosophies while the Rosary and the Bible Study groups that meet weekly are wonderful opportunities to share messages of faith and hope as well.

As we move forward we look to expanding these programs by inviting special guest speakers, with local outings to explore other religions and by supporting residents who wish to gather to share their faith with one another. We encourage everyone to join in as we each seek greater understanding of spirituality, both within ourselves and in others.